Lincoln & Co. - Document Conversion Software
Lincoln & Co. - Document Conversion Software
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Lincoln & Co. - Document Conversion Software
Lincoln & Co. - Document Conversion Software PCL, PDF and PostScript Converters from Lincoln & Co. convert documents to and from multiple file formats for faxing, imaging, and printing. Lincoln & Co. PCL and PS viewers display PostScript and PCL (including PCL6/PCL-XL) files.

Document conversion software from Lincoln & Co. is used by leading OEMs, service bureaus, and end users worldwide in their fax, document management, and print systems solutions.

When format incompatibility between systems gets in the way of growth and success, IT professionals, software developers and end users contact Lincoln & Co., the standard-bearer for document conversion and imaging technologies.

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Image Converters
Convert PCL and PostScript documents to TIFF, JPEG, PCX/DCX and PDF using GUI, command line, or COM programming interfaces. -
Image Viewers
Generate quality views of PCL and PostScript images with the Long Document Viewer (LDV), and the PageView applications.

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LDV PCL viewer

Lincoln & Co. - Document Conversion Software
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